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New clients may schedule an in-person or telephone appointment by email or fax. To do so, complete the following questionnaire in full and send it to my office by clicking the button marked "Send Questionnaire" at the end of the form. Alternatively you may fax the questionnaire to 440-333-9650 along with relevant documents. The following documents are essential to assess your case: copy of your passport, Form I-94, copy of any U.S. visas (expired and current), list of prior entries to U.S. and type of visa used, duration of each entry, copy of all applications filed with the CIS, INS, U.S. Consulate abroad, or DOL.

After we receive the questionnaire, you will be contacted by phone to schedule your appointment and to make payment arrangements. The fee for an initial appointment, whether by telephone or in person is $150 for up to one hour. We accept Visa and Mastercard. If you choose to retain further related services within 30 days of our consultation, the cost of the initial appointment will be credited toward the legal fee/retainer. The first consultation does not establish an attorney-client relationship.

Not every situation has a simple immigration law answer. You will get an honest assessment of your case, the probability of success, and what benefits to which you might be entitled under immigration law.



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